1016 lovely hair therapy

An extra potent natural blend of 22 active ingredients including 4 patented ingredients for healthy and beautiful hair. Key ingredients include patented organic AnaGain™ Nu pea...

Code: 1013
1025 probio kids

8 targeted live probiotic strains for kids including prebiotics and patented Lynside® fiber with betaglucan to support immunity, growth, good digestion and prevention of tooth...

Code: 1025
929 organic oaisis lab microbiome clear kópia.png

14 targeted live probiotic strains, including prebiotics and FIBRIOTICS™ fermented powder from 36 fruits and vegetables to support digestion, immunity, and allergy relief.

Code: 929
Organic Oaisis LAB PROBIO WOMAN clear

13 targeted live probiotic strains, including prebiotics to support vaginal balance, hormone regulation, weight control, and osteoporosis prevention.

Code: 926
Organic Oaisis LAB ANTI STRESS clear

A unique natural blend of 7 active ingredients and 1 patented substance for a resilient psyche, reduction of fatigue, exhaustion, stabilisation of hormonal balance, and good...

Code: 773
Organic Oaisis LAB HAPPY SKIN clear

A unique, natural blend of 16 active ingredients and 3 patented substances for healthy and beautiful skin. The key ingredients of the product include 3 patented substances whose...

Code: 770

Organic Oasis LAB

Organic Oasis Lab is a Slovak brand created by the founder of Organic Oasis, Lenka Šoltysová, in collaboration with a team of biochemists and pharmacists. It offers premium natural nutritional supplements that blend elements of science and nature, with product ingredients comprising active and patented substances whose effects are proven by clinical studies. All products are VEGAN, GMO FREE, GLUTEN FREE, ADDITIVES FREE and are manufactured in Slovakia, EU. 

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