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The idea of starting my own e-shop came after almost 20 years of being a health, healthy lifestyle, and beauty expert. While in college, I was drawn to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and began using herbal products based on its fundamentals, working on both physical level and mental levels. Preferring prevention, I co-founded one of Bratislava’s first private oncogenetics laboratories with a dedicated doctor specialising in oncogenetics. However, my interest shifted towards a holistic approach to health, emphasizing the connection between inner and outer beauty, as a beautiful exterior can hardly be achieved without a healthy interior. Working alongside a team of doctors dedicated to aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery, we established Concept Clinic, a health and aesthetic medicine facility in Bratislava. While not a doctor myself, I focused on non-invasive “beautification" methods at the clinic.

Until a few years ago, it was challenging, almost impossible, to find local manufacturers of healthy nutritional supplements and cosmetics, leading me to source premium foreign brands for Slovakia. I introduced several high-quality organic brands to the country. Today, I am delighted to announce that Slovakia now boasts high-quality organic products that are also environmentally friendly and personally endorsed by me. Immersed in my clinic work, I had limited opportunities for further education or exploration of new health and body care brands. Consequently, I decided to leave the clinic and pursue my passion - working with natural products that make you feel beautiful on the outside, but most of all healthy on the inside.

For nearly two years, I worked as an external consultant to a company manufacturing nutritional supplements. I delved into the fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and, in the summer of 2022, launched my own brand of premium natural nutritional supplements, Organic Oasis LAB. Collaborating with a team of biochemists and pharmacists, we developed unique formulas featuring active patented ingredients backed by clinical studies. Our products are produced in Slovakia, packaged in glass jars, consist of natural ingredients, are vegan, GMO-free, and contain no additives or fillers.

I firmly believe that our product portfolio beautifully combines outer and inner beauty, allowing every client to feel healthy because “health is not everything, but without health, everything is nothing.”


Lenka Šoltysová



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