Organic Oaisis LAB ANTI STRESS clear

A unique natural blend of 7 active ingredients and 1 patented substance for a resilient psyche, reduction of fatigue, exhaustion, stabilisation of hormonal balance, and good...

Code: 773
Organic Oaisis LAB HAPPY SKIN clear

A unique, natural blend of 16 active ingredients and 3 patented substances for healthy and beautiful skin. The key ingredients of the product include 3 patented substances whose...

Code: 770
1016 lovely hair therapy

An extra potent natural blend of 22 active ingredients including 4 patented ingredients for healthy and beautiful hair. Key ingredients include patented organic AnaGain™ Nu pea...

Code: 1013
929 organic oaisis lab microbiome clear kópia.png

14 targeted live probiotic strains, including prebiotics and FIBRIOTICS™ fermented powder from 36 fruits and vegetables to support digestion, immunity, and allergy relief.

Code: 929
1025 probio kids

8 targeted live probiotic strains for kids including prebiotics and patented Lynside® fiber with betaglucan to support immunity, growth, good digestion and prevention of tooth...

Code: 1025
Organic Oaisis LAB PROBIO WOMAN clear

13 targeted live probiotic strains, including prebiotics to support vaginal balance, hormone regulation, weight control, and osteoporosis prevention.

Code: 926
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